The Hindu features the Panchgani Writers’ Retreat
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India Currents Magazine talks about the Panchgani Writers’ Retreat.
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The book review by Washington Independent Review of Books.
An interview on a strict upbringing, a culture of silence and the journey towards finding your own voice.
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Book Review and Interview by Eastern Eye.
A review of my book and an interview with the Eastern Eye, a British Weekly newspaper out of London, UK.
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NRI Woman Podcast.
A podcast about finding your voice and strength.
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Shamiram Media YouTube interview.
Shabnam Samuel, the author of A Fractured Life, in a one on one talk with Rebecca Simon.
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In Eyra Magazine.
A conversation with Shabnam about a journey from angst to art.
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An inspiring list of memoirs from She Reads, that inform and inspire, from 11 unbreakable women.
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Talk Radio Europe.
A podcast on abandonment and immigration and so much more.
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Featured in South Asian Stories.
A podcast on marriage, hardship, and healing.
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Interviewed by a South Asian Literary Magazine.
A Q&A on writing and publishing A Fractured Life.
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Featured in #BrownGirlWrites.
An interview on being a woman of color and an author.
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